This Is The U
ltimate Place And Website To
Have Sex And Get L
aid, Welcome To The
One And Only "Sex Book Friends"


This Website Is Still Under Chrysalis, Videos
Products, Services And Sex Available SOON.

Firstly let me tell you a little bit about this website while its under chrysails.

It will be based on a few different platforms to give our clients as much possible variety in
dating and having sex, plus a few other activities.

I will only write about the sex platform for now and what is expect from the people that sign up.

#1 All profiles will need to be verified by a few steps, not just a drivers licence but, other IDs
will be needed and an interview before you can sign up to this website.

#2 Your personal Information will never be exploited but, if you are involved in the following
things your information will be pass on to all authorities to deal with, the examples are, after
meeting someone, harassment, threatening, under 16 years old child exploitation, physical
abuse, blackmailing that person if things don't workout, stalking, exploiting that person on
another website or media avenue, try meeting that person at there home or business or
workplace without consent, forced into actions that are not consensual and you have to be
a certain age to join, about 21 years old.

#3 This is a pay per month website, there are no freebies here.

#4 You will have to sign and agree to the term of services.

#5 You can have as many dates or sexual encounters as you like, if it is agreed on by both

#6 What you can not do is, fake or misleading your profile or attestation, if its no its no, if you
don't like or want to see that person again don't be an instigator or a big fat liar, move on.

#7 Our website only wants people that want to have sex, as for the dating platform there are
other rules and term of services that go with that.

#8 Don't expect the impossible, we are humans on this website, that come with feelings and
emotions and so on.

#9 Your account can be black listed from the website if you breach your terms of services
and privacy policy, there is no refund because its a month to month payment, it does not
automatically renew.

This website will become one of the very best out there because we care, its not all about
the money or just money as so, so many websites out there do but, its the following effects
that will happen on [sex book friends]. com, furthermore we take pride in our services and
performance plus execution of meetings, I have vision and solutions.

In addition to all of the above, the best outcome will be that so, so many people will feel alive
again and so, so warm, plus excited and thrilled knowing that there pleasures have been
reelected and that empty feeling deep down has gone.

Videos Are On There Way [CATEGORY]

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